Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Lockdown Day 34. 27 April

A very long day.

I started at 5:30. There were 2 major tasks; tidy up and get back into town and finish my assignment. I got both done.

The amazing thing is that after 5 weeks at the farm I haven’t got nearly the the things done that I wanted. On the other hand, I’ve achieved 2 goals (apart from not getting Covid19). I’ve got my fitness up a lot. And I’ve got my Te Reo studies on track. As well as that I’ve got a lot of work done in the garden and around the house, readying for early winter planting.

Tomorrow, 28 April, we enter stage 3 lockdown which means I can get more supplies in to do jobs around the house. Tarpaulins, a saw, sink traps etc.

And at the weekend, the promised deluge of rain? Here’s hoping, the tank is down to about 1/4 full and because the logging has narrowed the road in one place, I couldn’t get a tanker in.

When we left I had a regretful feeling. I wanted to stay at the farm, plenty to do, plenty of interest. And town has few attractions if you can’t see your friends. We’ll see, I might be back out there.

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