Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Lockdown Day 32. Saturday 25 April.

I listened to the dawn service on the deck in the pre-dawn. Short and sweet, and I had a cup of tea to keep me warm, too.

Last night was Victoria’s and Evie’s last night. We lit a fire on the patio and had tortilla con patate with veggies. It was a cool clear evening until the wind got up.

We’ve got on together pretty well really. Occasional meltdowns but (at least to my mind) nothing serious. While we’re used to being together, two and a half weeks with no other real human contact is tough on relationships, no matter how strong.

Pipi, the King Charles Cavalier has really enjoyed herself, plenty of exercise and a lot of freedom. We’ll keep her a few days more.

I’ve virtually caught up with my course, just have to finish my aromatawai (project) by Monday. It’s about two thirds done now. That’s been about 3 hours per day. What with walking about 2 hours and daily vermin traps and poisons to do, plus the garden, it’s been really busy.

We’ll go into town Monday to be ready for the reduction to level 3 on Tuesday. For a quiet life and a buy of a routine, perhaps.

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