Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Lockdown Day 29. Wednesday 22 April

What! No posts for 11 days?

The days have merged one into another. The initial excitement faded, to be replaced with the tedium of sameness, punctuated with a procession of petty grievances blown out of proportion. We are unable to escape this bubble so have to retreat into our own individual comfort spaces, internal or external.

I’ve done a lot of study and am now more or less up to date although I still have a lot of work to do on my project due in at the end of this weekend. I think I can finish it in about another 10-12 hours.

A few days ago there was group drinks with Hugh and Craig and their spouses, but Margie wouldn’t attend. We will become more cut off even than would be the case with just Novel Coronavirus. She is more comfortable without external contact.

2 days ago the PM announced that Lockdown would cease at a minute to midnight, next Monday. From there we will go to Level 3. Not much different, but our bubble can get a bit bigger and more businesses will open. For us it will mean going back into town and broadband. Evie can go to school but I don’t think she will. I’ll be able to shop for a wider range of supplies, such as garden supplies and plants. It will only be click and collect. And of course we will be back to just the two of us in the house.

I’ve managed to get a couple of parcels through, rat and possum traps. The Postie leaves them on the verandah by the front gate. And I’ve got a trip into Takanini today for another grocery shop. We’ve still got a ton of food here, dry foods as well as perishables. And we’ve eaten very well. The veggies I managed to conserve in the garden are growing very slowly, the parsley is just about to an edible stage, but that’s about it.

I’ve been very successful with pest eradication. The rats seem to have been dealt with but now there is a plague of mice. I’ve got 7 possums, about one every other day since I started trapping, but I’ve now increased from 1 to 4 traps, so that number should increase. I’ve destroyed 3 large wasp nests around the house but that hasn’t made much of a difference.

We go for a walk pretty much every day and most days I do something strenuous as well. We mostly walk 6-10km, so I can confirm that my foot is much better, even though it is often sore at the end of the walk. I’ve got a supply of wood in, weeded a lot of the garden around the house, at least releasing the plants I planted in the spring. I’ve started planting new feral Asterias and flaxes. I’ve upgraded the path to the beach by improving the steps and planting about 30 Waratahs at about 1m intervals, so Margie can get to the beach with confidence now.

With Victoria and Evie here as well, our food habits have changed a bit, with less spicy food and a narrower range of foods. Victoria cooks a bit but mostly pancakes and fried food of sorts. We haven’t touched any of the frozen convenience foods such as frozen veggies or dumplings. I imagined that lockdown was going to be much worse, with a raging epidemic in town and us reluctant to get in supplies and unable to get deliveries. Victoria even got a delivery from the farmers’ market.

Mostly it has passed pleasantly enough, Evie on a screen, Margie cleaning or reading, me studying or working outside, long walks, Victoria at work in the kitchen or the motor home. Lots of domestic chores with 4 people and a dog.

We’ve had some rain, at last, but not enough. The predicted deluges seem to evaporate in the lead up days and the tank is only about a third full. The grass and weeds have started to grow but the weather is cooler too.

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