Camino Blog / Vézelay Route to Santiago de Compostela

Day 81, 28th June. Another day in Santiago de Compostela

A better day today. I was pretty crook last night and came back to the hotel half way through the soup. It was the last day with the French so I’m a little embarrassed. It was a flu-like illness, and pretty good timing. You know, I had that mild cold in France but I never felt unwell. I think the timing was perfect.

This morning I went back to the tomb of Santiago first thing. I was in there with a handful of people, closed my eyes to recollect the stages of the Camino and when I opened them I was alone at the tomb. It was nice.

I met Francis for lunch said goodbye and then came back to the hotel. I’m just waiting in the lounge for the taxi.

Shortly I’ll leave Santiago de Compostela for the airport and know that my Camino has finished.

I’ll make another post when I get home just to close the record.

Adios Santiago. Gracias para todo.

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