Camino Blog / Vézelay Route to Santiago de Compostela

Day 76, 23rd June. Lugo to Ferreira

A walk in the park. 27km.

Literally (according to the New York Times, words that now mean the opposite of their original meaning are ok, so of course there was no park; any pedants out there?) But gentle country with no challenges, a soft misty rain on and off and occasional encounters with people I know. I met Silas in a bar in Lugo, walked with Andrea for an hour or so this morning, caught the French group in a bar for morning tea and met up with Stephanie (Canada) and Anna (Germany) for a lunchtime drink.

I’m getting impatient and just forged on today, arriving at 2:15. It’ll be a long evening in a casa rural (Casa A Ponte) until dinner at 8 with Andreo and Silas, and I’m sure others I know, too.

Everyone is talking about arriving in Santiago, now and I’ve let it be known that I don’t want to be alone when I arrive. We’ll see. I’m thinking I might go on to Amenal, the day after tomorrow and have only 16km on the last day, so get there before midday. I’m booked into an apartment in Castañeda tomorrow.

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