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Day 74, 21st June. O Piñeiral to Castroverde.

Today was long and hard.

956m up, 1239m down , a lot of it much steeper than I’ve become accustomed to, and 28km.I think it did me good because I was feeling a bit flat after Derek’s news and just had to suck it up a bit. I talked to him and he seems brighter, but both of us are very disappointed that his injuries preclude our walking together from Lugo.

Last night was in the truck stop hotel of O Piñeiral and the usual suspects were in the bar and at dinner. Our friends from the Canaries had half a cow between them.

Because of the paucity of options on the Primitivo, if you want to do appreciably more than 20km but less than 30, there is usually only one option. The same has happened tonight where we are in Castroverde. So the same people are here, more or less.

I manage to have given Derek’s room in Lugo away to Frederique and Xavier (I have to pay anyway), so it won’t be wasted. I’ve cancelled his room in Santiago but brought my arrival date forward to the 26th. So two nights in Santiago. I’m not changing my flights home.

Today started in the usual mist and poor visibility that resulted in (amongst other things) missing a turn and taking an extra hill (steep) that I didn’t need. At the top of the first hill was another ruined pilgrim hospital on a windy ridge, but quite beautiful and eery in the quiet mist. So all in all a day of mixed fortunes. And I’m looking forward to an easier day tomorrow, both in quality and quantity, so I can be a bit of a tourist in Lugo in the afternoon.

I’ve tried to get into the habit of Karakia timatanga in the morning and Karakia Whakamutunga when I finish. It’s hard to get it right in terms of timing but I’m getting better at remembering. I think it’s a good discipline, it focuses the beginning and end of the day.


June 22, 2019 at 5:32 pm

Hang in there Doc
Nearly there!!
Chilly here.
Played golf yesterday in Wanaka 3o high.
I looked like a cross between Nanook of the north and the Michelin man.
Look forward to a full debrief on your safe return
Best wishes from me and the Viscountess

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