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Day 7, 15th April. Grossouvre to Chateau De Lienesse

Another decent frost. 

It was supposed to be a short day, 14km, but I miscalculated then we walked on. 


I left my toothbrush behind and had to go back. Actually we we pretty pleased to leave Grossouvre, but ended up in a most circuitous route before hitting the old defunct Canal Du Berry, which we followed the rest of the day. 

Beside the Canal du Berry

We had breakfast at Hotel St Joseph in Sancoins then followed the canal to Augy-sur-Auboir. We stayed at a Camino themed refuge run by Dutch and Belgian volunteers. Because we arrived early, Bernard the hospitalero suggested the we walk on and he come pick us up and bring us back, so we did that.

It converts tomorrow into a 17km day instead of a 23km day. Why? Because it’s going to be raining tomorrow morning and we can do without a long day in the rain. Good idea. 

Bernard is very verbal in broken English with tons of advice on spiritual advancement and how to walk more efficiently. I eventually had to tell him “not today, it’s too late”. For some reason he didn’t think Joe needed any advice. But it was very generous of him to pick us up in his motor home and guide us to a short cut along the old railway lines. A woman will come tonight and cook for us, there’s just the two of us in a big dorm room.

Injuries. Nothing major but enough to keep me on my toes. A touch of tightness in a plantar fascia led to a change of orthotics with more arch support, which led to hot spots on my little toes. All manageable so far. And tarmac walking has resulted in sore thighs, but good again in the mornings. I keep resolving to walk slower and rest more but it doesn’t seem to happen.

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