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Day 2 10th April. Le Chemin to Guipy

Yesterday was a long day, 25km. Today could be anywhere between 21 and 28 km depending on circumstances, of which later. Either way it’s around 50km for the first two days so I’m pleased with progress. 

Leaving Le Chemin

Joe caught me just past Anthien, about 3km. By then the chill was going and the sky was clear, a perfect day. The terrain was rolling with none of the steep hills of yesterday, easy walking and a perfect temperature. Through Sancy-Le-Bas and Charpuis, shedding layers at regular intervals. We passed lots of curious and sociable charolais heifers, and a pond made for some kind of endangered salamander. Underfoot alternated between little paved lanes and dirt tracks, but mostly the former. 


We reached Corbigny after 11km, too late for a morning snack but too early for lunch. And yet, we found a Madagascan restaurant, Chez Didine, a hole in the wall really but it was open. We had superb meals, spicy leg of duck and fillet of sole. Never had that cuisine before but it was a bit like Malaysian with a very spicy sauce. And reasonable coffee. 

Cafe Didine

I started this morning on my own while Joe looked at the veggie garden. I was in good nick with no ill effects of a long day straight off the plane. It was cold but comfortably so and with a thin mist, the low sun just about penetrating the gloom. Breakfast was a typical unsatisfying pilgrims PDJ of bread and spreads. 

Now it got interesting. Fearing a very long day (over 30km) if things didn’t work out, we took a short cut to Pazy, but it was actually the old Chemin with lots of old signs and pilgrim iconography. Eating to lighten our packs, we got to Guipy at half past two. Surprise, the bar was open (and the attached epicerie).

And there was a taxi card there so we arranged for a taxi to take us the 7 km to Saint-Révérien. He could pick us up in an hour. Everything was falling into place, now we only had to get into the Refuge there. I called the Mairie, no reply. I called a mobile number and I think the man said it’s open and there are already 4 pilgrims there. 

Pond for saving endangered specie

Things were looking good and tomorrow isn’t a big day. 

We’ll start again by taxi in the morning, back to Guipy and walk from there. 

Well yes, and we got in to the Refuge Pélerin, basic but fine and we have food and wine. There are 2 Pélerines from Belgium here. Eva and Hennelore. And Jean and Eric, all speaking Dutch. And their partners arrived too, so full house.

Refuge Pelerin, Saint-Reverien

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